Port Phillip Channel Deepening Project related images and videos from Before and After Trial Dredging

Copyright on all original videos is owned by Alan Beckhurst 2005. Re-encoded by Dan Grimm using a variety of tools.

You need to download and then play the mpg or mp4 files - clicking on the link is unlikely to open up your player.

Pictures - see descriptive name for details

[IMG] Huge dredge boulders at 37 metres S.jpg 09-Sep-2005 12:08 35K 

[IMG] Rockfall below 20 metres destroys reefS.jpg 09-Sep-2005 12:08 53K
[IMG] Rock fall destruction below 20 metresS.jpg 09-Sep-2005 12:08 49K
[IMG] Spider Crab searching for new homeS.jpg 09-Sep-2005 12:08 49K

MPEG MOVIES for download and playing [BROADBAND connection recommended]

These movies have been re-encoded from DVD originals (perhaps not with the best tool for the task)
DO NOT just click on the link - chances are they will not just start playing.
The movie pristine.mpg is footage from the trial dredging area and nearby. 
[VID] pristine.mpg 20-Sep-2005 13:37 50M

The movies dredged1.mpg and dredged2.mpg are part of the same dvd, but the tool I used split it at
about 5 minutes. Dredged2.mpg starts at a chunk of rock (about 3mx2mx2m) that fell into the canyons
[VID] dredged1.mpg 20-Sep-2005 13:39 50M
[VID] dredged2.mpg Rock in canyon 20-Sep-2005 13:39 47M

The following predredge.mp4 and smallpostdredge.mp4 might download quicker but quality is not great.
I really need to reencode using better tools.
[ ] predredge.mp4 20-Sep-2005 13:38 5.0M

[ ] smallpostdredge.mp4 20-Sep-2005 13:38 10M
High bandwidth postdredge mp4 file.
[ ] mpeg4postdredge.mp4 20-Sep-2005 13:38 40M

If time allows, the following part of this page will be updated and have a link to a very low bandwidth pair of pre and post dredge videos.

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