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The legal bit: The SDFV is an incorporated association with the formal details being
Organisation Number: A0025313N
Registered: 04/06/1992 Old Vicnet based SDFV website Copy of Constitution, Current copy of Constitution - Must be read in conjunction with the Model rules from Business Affairs.

Who is the Scuba Divers Federation of Victoria?
The Scuba Divers Federation of Victoria is an amateur organisation representing 25+ diving clubs throughout Victoria with a membership in excess of 2,500 divers. It is the peak body representing recreational scuba divers interests (even those not in member clubs).
The Federation is involved in the following activities within Victoria:-
  • Scuba diving promotion
  • Protecting the rights of divers to get a fair share of access to dive sites and recreational fishing (including Abalone and Cray [also known as Rock Lobster])
  • Underwater Photography seminars
  • Diving seminars
  • Diving displays
  • Underwater ecological education
Mission Statement
S.D.F.V.'s main objectives, as set out in our constitution, are:-
  1. To promote and protect the interests of scuba divers in the State of Victoria.
  2. The establishment of a State body of scuba diving clubs and provide a forum for discussion and decision on matters relating to the use of scuba.
  3. To promote safety in scuba diving.
  4. To take an active part in the preservation and conservation of marine flora and fauna species, and to assist in the restoration of a marine environment compatible with this aim.
Membership is open to any properly constituted dive club which does not engage in competitive spear fishing.
Notable Efforts
S.D.F.V. has been involved for many years in conservation, safety, awareness, and political issues and some of our more notable efforts have been:-
  • The establishment of the Harold Holt Marine Reserves in Port Philip Bay
  • SDFV Dinner Dance & Photo Competition
  • Rights of divers in Port Phillip Heads area - diving codes of conduct.
  • Rights of divers in Fish catch regulations (ie. Crayfish/Abalone/Scallopbag limits)
  • Protecting the interests of Sport Divers at Tidal River/Wilson's Prom
  • Informing clubs of New Historic shipwrecks
  • Directory of SDFV affiliated clubs
  • Written submission on all major government plans and discussion papers(ie. ECC/LCC Marine & Coast Special Investigation, LCC Final Proposals,Abalone Regulations RIS, Tidal River/Wilson¹s Prom Park ManagementPlan, Fishing Act 1996, Scallop Management Plan, Aquaculture ManagementPlan, Port Phillip Bay Management Plan, just to name a few. )
  • Public awareness campaigns for Diver Below Flags
  • Sunken Assets Seminar series
  • Clarification of scuba divers rights to dive at piers controlled by Parks Victoria
The S.D.F.V is recognised by Government as a voice of Amateur Scuba Divers in Victoria and is privy to most Government information relating to it. Meetings are held bi-monthly and provide for the interchange and dissemination of information. The S.D.F.V is represented on many government committees.
The Federation has had representation on the:-
  • Historic Shipwrecks Advisory Committee (HSAC)
  • Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body (VRFish)
  • Rock Lobster Management Committee
  • Abalone Management Committee
  • Parks Victoria Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries Advisory groups
  • In 2007/2008/2009 the SDFV is represented in the following bodies:
    • Historic Shipwrecks Advisory Committee
    • Abalone Fishery Management Plan Steering Committee  (SDFV nominated as VRFish representative)
    • Stakeholder member Rock Lobster Fishery Management/TAC forum
    • Victorian Rock Lobster and Giant Crab fishery management plan Steering Committee observer
    • Member (past board member) VRFish
    • Port Phillip Bay Channel Deepening Project Related:
      • PoMC Dive Industry Liaison Group
      • PoMC Community Liaison Group (CLG)  (replaces old PSAC)
    • VARS - Sink the ex-HMAS Canberra
The Federation is affiliated with:-
  • Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body VRFISH
  • South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society SPUMS - Includes online diving doctors list
S.D.F.V. is actively involved with and committed to sensible conservation.
The SDFV is incorporated and it's organisation number is: A0025313N 
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